Day at the Museum

  • Minimum age 10 with parental consent
  • Must be a Scuba Diver or complete Museum Experience
COST: from 135,00 Euros

the underwater museum

Certified Diver

2 guided dives, 1 on Museo Atlantico

from 120,00 Euros

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underwater sculptures

Non diver Museo Atlantico

First two dives in Playa Chica, then 3rd dive on Museum

170,00 Euros

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museo atlantico

Scuba Diver & Museum

Scuba Dive course and Museum Dive

from 300,00 Euros

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Book your Museo Atlantco dive excursion with us and you'll experience the wonder and culture of Lanzarote embodied in the exhibits submerged 12m beneath the Atlantic Ocean. From local school traditions, to the residents crossing the Rubicon and the hybrid cacti people there is something different for everyone to experience.

This amazing artificial reef is alive with marine life: join the shoals of grunts moving as one of them amongst the statues, watch out for the trigger fish, look for Angel sharks either buried just beneath the sand or passing by along with the sting rays and see if you can find the resident eel hiding within the human giro.

Excursions For Certified Divers

A double boat dive in the morning combining the Museo Atlantico with another reef dive is 130 Euro per diver excluding equipment hire and diver medical insurance.

Excursions For Non-Certified Divers

Successfully complete a try dive with all the skills one day and you could be diving the Museo Atlantico on your second try dive! At only 180,00 Euros this package includes everything you'll need from the 2 dives, the equipment hire, diver medical insurance, your place on the boat and your entry to the Museo Atlantico along with your friendly Eco-dive Guide.

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