Lanzarote Dive Centre diving boat

Lanzarote Dive Centre is one of only a few dive centre's in Puerto Del Carmen to own and operate our own dive boats, this means we don't have to share or have the dive site changed at the last minute. We dive at alternative dive sites to other dive schools. Have a favorate dive site let us know I'm sure we can arrange a dive there.

Our fast dive rib, has a solid ladder which is able to handle both recreational and technical divers alike, the large deck space means there is plenty of room to spread out and relax to and from the dive sites from the jetty. Most of the dive site are only a short trip of around 5-10 minutes with the some of the further site being 30 minutes.

Are you a group who want to do something different, we have a load of dive marks that we haven't dived as yet and these are unknown marks, do you want to be the first to discover the next Atlantis dive site?

Dive Rib Speciifcation

8.5m Fast Rib
Twin 150 Yammaha's
Speeds to 50 knots
Full Electronic Pack with Sidescan Sonar
Fully Insured and coded for 12 Divers

If you are not already convinced, this short our short video of our fast diverib !