Become a Diving Professional Today!

Lanzarote Dive Centre is able to offer a full range of PRO Diving Courses with SSI, SDI and TDI including Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and also an Instructor in emergency first response; Adult and Child CPR, AED, first aid and Oxygen Provider.

Divemaster Course

Short on time and already a Rescue Diver with 60 logged dives? Then our fast track Divemaster Course is for you. You can choose to become a SSI Divemaster , a SDI Divemaster on this fast track route to becoming a Divemaster. This full on 12 day course isn't for the faint hearted but you already knew that. Interested in becoming a TDI Techincal Divemaster then a Diivemaster Internship is the way forward.

Divemaster Internships

Our Divemaster Internships are second to none. We offer a complete internship from 1-3 months and you can choose between SSI and SDI and you also have the opportunity to train to become a TDI Technical Divemaster. During your internship you'll learn the whole Dive Centre operation from filling cylinders, guiding dives, assisting both students and the instrutor on courses, through to the logistics of managing a small busy Dive Centre and if you're on a TDI Technical Divemaster Internship, you'll be learning about the techincal diving side of the operation too and taking your first steps toward becoming a TDI Instructor.

Assistant Instructor

Why not top up your Divemaster course and stand out from crowd by become a SSI Assistant Instrutor or a SDI Assistant Instrutor. These courses are taught by our in-house Course Director and will prepare and inspire you to become an Instructor.

Emergency Care Instructor Courses

We are lucky enough to have our own Instructor Trainer on staff at the dive centre that can teach SSI React Right Instructor courses and FRTI First Response courses. This 1½ day course, will teach you the essential skills of how to train others in Adult and Child CPR, AED, first aid and emergency oxygen provision. It makes a great addition to your professional CV and the FRTI courses meet all International standards, are ILCOR compliant and as such can be taught not only to divers but also to company employees, volunteer groups, clubs, ski-instrutors, in fact just about anybody! Create your own opportunites and who knows one day it may be your life.