TDi Hollis Explorer Recreational Rebreather

DURATION: Two days (minimum)
  • Open Water Diver
  • Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
  • Minimum of 15 years old
COST: €495.00

Think rebreathers are just for technical diving? Think again!

The Hollis Explorer is a lightweight, easily transportable unit that uses sophisticated electronics to simplify its use.

The Hollis Explorer is a true recreational Rebreather designed for divers that just want to go diving. You don't need to be a technical diver and you don't need a degree in technobabble to dive it - it really is for 'normal' divers!
The Explorer is a ground-breaking hybrid that combines the safety of semi-closed rebreathers with the efficiency, simplicity of use and ease of breathing of technical closed circuit rebreathers. It's compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use.

You'll benefit from breathing warm gas, hugely extended dive times and - since it does not produce any invasive bubbles - see more sea life than ever before. No matter what sort of recreational diving you enjoy, the new Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather will take you there with no bubbles and no fuss!

The Explorer is unique in using a single gas - nitrox - and is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of oxygen partial pressure (pp02) and dive time. 'Plug and Play' absorbent cartridges, easy guided setup with 'go' or 'no go' control, CO2 tracking and 2 hour design duration make this a dream for any recreational diver wanting to maximise their dive time.

Changing the way we dive
Extended Bottom Time
Easy to Use
Reduced Gas consumption
Reduced Bubbles allows you to get closer to the fish
Longer no-stop limits, reduced gas consumption as you rebreathe most of your exhaled gas.

During the Hollis Explorer course you'll learn

Correct weighting
Proper set-up and maintenance of the Hollis Explorer
Pre dive checks
Breathing loop Management
Bubble checks, bail-out drills and problem management
Fine tuning bouyancy
Monitoring Hollis Explorer Handset
Post dive procedures

At the end of the TDi Hollis Explorer course

Longer, more comfortable dives - Enjoy the physiological benefits of breathing warm gas and benefit from hugely extended dive times - enjoy a 2 hr multilevel dive from 20m with no deco!

Hollis Explorer Features:

Scrubber thermal monitoring and optional CO2 sensing assures good gas in the breathing loop
PPO2 intelligently controlled for a proper balance of PP02 and bottom time
Automated dive data logging
Back mounted counterlungs with streamlined cover to offer good protection
Modular component design makes it easy to setup and clean
Nitrox Electronically Controlled Hybrid
Uses readily available Nitrox in 32-40%
Simple user interface is easy to learn and easy to dive
Automated Pre-dive Setup assures Explorer is prepared for dive
Automated Breathing Loop control gives minimal bubbling and hydrostatically controlled buoyancy
Bail-out mouthpiece gives a quick one handed operation from closed circuit to open circuit
Simple Green or Red primary display

Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather BOV |Each Explorer rebreather ships with a BOV (Bail Out Valve) installed. BOV is a “Bail-out” mouthpiece which gives a quick one handed operation from closed circuit to open circuit supplied by on-board gas. If the Explorer detects a problem, the diver is alerted in two ways. First is via the LED “heads up” display which provides unit status throughout the dive, signaling GREEN for normal operation, or RED to bailout. Second, the regulator in your mouth vibrates to tell you to bailout with the BOV if you haven’t already done so.

TDi Hollis Explorer Recreational Rebreather
Hollis Sports rebreather at Lanzarote Dive Centre