Richies Place Dive Site Lanzarote

Depth: 18-30m
Diver Level: Be a PADi Advanced Openwater Diver
Dive Type: Boat

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Richies Place

Richies Place - the dive site with spectacular landscapes and seascapes. There are wonderful caverns, rocks and sand bars as well as arches and spectacular drop offs to delight and amaze you. There are nooks and crannies that house so much micro-life that you'll be mesmerized watching these little soap operas unfold in before your very own eyes. It is also the dive site with amazing marine fauna and flora to observe such as the two orange corals, narval shrimps, starfish, damsel fish and groupers!

Don't forget to look into the blue every now and again for the passing stingrays, you might even be lucky enough to spot a manta ray on its way past of an angel shark! It was this rich diversity of both marine life and natural underwater architecture that originally attracted Richard, Richie, for whom the dive site is named after. Richie was a dive guide, who probably thought this site was the best dive site in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, and has definitely helped to make this dive site one of the most popular in Lanzarote.

To the west end of the dive site there is a plaque in honour of Richie. Richies Place is a boat dive and although it is suitable for all levels of divers, to fully appreciate all the wonders it has to offer, it is recommended for Advanced Open Water divers and ideally for those with a Deep Specialty as the maximum depth is 35 metres.