Temple Hall Wreck (Telamon)

Depth: 0-18m
Diver Level: Open Water Diver
Dive Type: Shore

Temple Hall Wreck

The first name of this ship was Temple Hall, and was renamed many years later by a Greek crew to Telamón, in honor of one of the Argonauts that together with Jason plowed the Grecian seas in search of glory and adventure. It ran aground under this name in 1981, while it was transporting a valuable wood cargo from the Ivory Coast and it was never able to sail the seas again. Currently, it is cut in half with the ships stern projecting out very close to the shore, creating a well known Lanzarote scene

This dive allows us to explore the bow, as well as the stern because though it is a huge wreck, the water is no deeper than 15 m. The stern is open and there is access to the inside, though going in is not recommended because the submerged portion crumbles easily. Nonetheless, we can get closer to the bow that is completely submerged at a mere depth of 50 m. This is an ideal dive for beginners and it is the only shipwreck in Lanzarote that can also be visited with a mask and a snorkel. If the dive is done in the afternoon, the play of the light can be spectacular because of the hues coming off the metal.