Waikiki Drift Dive

Depth: 20-30m
Diver Level: Be a PADi Advanced Openwater Diver
Dive Type: Boat Dive, drift dive

lanzarote boat dive Waikiki

Waikiki - a tropical name for a truly tropical dive, with the sun light sparkling off the white sands and the abundant marine life to be seen all around you, but wait save this part for the safety stop because there is a shelf to traverse and a cliff edge to drop down over. Follow the sand to the drop off and you will experience a fantastic wall dive full of small caves filled with micro-environments teaming with life. Don't forget to look out into the blue for the big boys; different species of ray and maybe even a mola mola!

To the east of the cliff under a ledge we are privileged to find some of the shallowest growing orange coral in Lanzarote and probably the world too. Usually orange coral grows at depths of 50 - 200 meters; most definitely in the realms of the technical diver. Here at Waikiki however an Open Water Diver will be able to share in seeing this most delightful of corals as it can be found at only 18meters!

Continuing the dive down to the deepest part of the cliff, at approximately 28 meters, you will find a small cave and another truly amazing sight as there are some beautiful anemones to be seen. Waikiki truly is a tropical dive with some of the best features to be found at this dive site with some truely amazing aquatic wildlife, being one of lanzarote dive sites best areas.

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