PADi Discover Tec Diving

  • Be a PADi Openwater Diver or equivalent from another organisation
  • Minimum of 18 years old
  • Have a medical form signed by a Doctor
COST: 125,00

Padi Discover Tec Diving Course

The PADi Discover Tec experience introduces divers to the dexciting world of technical diving within accepted recreational depth limits.

Although it's recommended that you complete all three of the Technical diving courses you soon learn that the equipment is common to all PADi Tec courses, if you wish to continue on through the PADi Tec 40 , Tec 45 and Tec 50, the limits of the PADiDiscover Tec experience is just an introduction into the exciting world of technicsl diving

Therefore, it is easy to accommodate divers interested in very limited technical diving since the Tec 40 equipment requirements are only a bit beyond the standard recreational kit.

Course Overview

PADI Discover Tec Experience

  • UUse of a twinset for diving and configuration
  • Use a single cylinder with simulated deco gas.
  • Use of SMB and deployment
  • Out of air senario's
  • By the end of the Padi Discover Tec experience you'll be ready to start your full technical diver training. Since it's part of the Padi Tec 40 Diver, your PADi Discover Tec experience can count as credit towards the Tec 40 .
  • Knowledge Development Section
  • Our Technical Instructor will take you through the knowledge and the core configurtion the technical diving equipment and explain some simple theory about technicl diving

You can download it Medical Form Here.

Discover Tec Training Dives

A minimum of 2 dives will be required during the Discover Tec experience

Dive One: will be in confined water or limited open water depth no deeper than 6 meters
Dive Two: in open water, depths: 10 metres

Where Next?

The PADi Tec 40 course will enhance your skills even further and also challenage you on Technical Diving