Diver Populsion Vehicle

Padi DPV Course, learn to scooter around the underwater world and explore greater distances.
    Minimum of 18 years old, 10 years old with parental consent
    PADi Scuba Diver or equivalent
    Medically fit to dive
COST: 150.00

Learn how to safely use a DPV; once your equipment is streamlined you will glide effortlessly through the water, covering more ground more quickly than you ever imagined. In our experience it is not only the quickest way to get around but also the quickest way to put a smile on your face. DPV's are excellent for covering large areas in a single dive. We use the Suex xJoy 2, DPV's which are capable of nearly 3mph, with a maxiumum depth of 80m and runtime of 90 minutes, these are ideal for scooter diving in Lanzarote.

Course includes:

    Setting up the DPV
    Maintaintenance of a DPV
    Entries and Exits with a DPV
    Assents and Decents using a DPV
    Towing your buddy with a DPV
    Tuition from our highly trained professionals
    Personal insurance for the duration of the course
    Personal certification card
    Use of specialist equipment needed for the course
    Refreshments between dives

Cost 150,00

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What's Next?

After completing the Diver Populsion Vehicle course you may decide that becoming a Deep Diver is for you, so, be prepared for some deeper adventures!



Important Information: A completed medical form and Dive Insurance is required to dive in Spain