PADi Night Diver Speciality

Padi Night Diver Course, learn to explore the underwater world at night.
DURATION: 3 Night Dives
  • PADi (Junior) Open Water Diver or equivalent or higher
  • Minimum age 18, or 12 upwards with parental consent
COST: 195.00

The Night diver course is an exhilarating experience you will never forget. Turn on your lights and submerge yourself into the darkness. You can experience a different underwater environment at night, because many marine animals are nocturnal. On your night dive specialty, during the 3 dives, you can expect to encounter most of the fish you see during the day hide away to sleep at night and many that can't be found during the day can be seen all over the reef. Night-time is the best time to see crabs, lobsters, and shrimp going about their business. Octopi come out and swim freely. But it doesn't stop there, one of the most spectacular parts of night diving is watching the coral feeding. Coral blooms after dark, absorbing nutrients from the water around it. If you're lucky, we may even see bioluminescence, amazing organisms that glow in the dark!

Course includes:

  • Tuition and instruction from our highly trained professionals
  • Personal certification card
  • Use of specialist equipment needed for the course
  • Transfers to and from dive centre and dive locations

Cost 195,00

Questions? Please ask us.

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