PADi Rebreather Diver

DURATION: Three to Four Days (minimum)
6 Type R Rebreather dives
200 minutes of in water time
COST: 475,00

Who should take this course?

Rebreathers used to only be used in Tecnical Diving, this is not the case now, the New Type R (recreational) rebreathers are lightweight, easy to transport and have modern electronics to simplify their use. With longer no stop limits, reduced gas consumptionbecause of the recycling of the gases through the rebreather, and reduced exhaled gases, and mostly the reduced noise allows you to get closer to marine wildlife. The PADI rebreather diver course qualifies you to a maximum of 18 metres in depth and no decompression time.

What will I learn?

Knowledge development is through independant learning and classroom sessions with the Instructor, includes 6 training dives on a rebreather with a minimum of 200 minutes of in-water skills and dive time, the following skills will be covered:- clearing a flooded loop, bouyancy and trim, bailing out, monitoring the HUD (heads up display), monitoring the handset, alternate air sourse use with another rebreather diver, use of surface marker bouy, preping the rebreather for use and cleanihng the rebreather.

PADI Rebreather Diver course Goals are:

  • Prepare the unit and pre water check a Type R Rebreather
  • Gas managemnt and planning for your Type R Rebreather
  • Conduct a predive safety check at the surface
  • Dive the Type R Rebreather demonstrating bouyany and trim monitoring the rebreather handset and HUD and responding to problems
  • Preform after care and maintain your Type R Rebreather as specified by the manufacturer
  • Recognize emergencies and problems that might occour while diving the Type R Rebreather

Course includes:

  • Tuition and instruction from our highly trained professionals
  • PADi Rebreather manual
  • Personal certification card
  • All specialist equipment needed
  • Dive insurance for the duration of the course
  • Transfers to and from dive centre and dive locations
  • Refreshments between dives

Cost 475,00

What’s Next?

After completing the PADi Rebreather Diver course you may decide your dive buddy deserve the best? Become a PADi Advanced Rebreather Diver !

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