Playa Blanca Flamingo Beach

Depth: 0- 18m
Diver Level: Open water Diver or above diver
Dive Type: Shore

Lanzarote Playa Blanca Flamingo Beach

This dive is impressive because of its simplicity and because of the quantity and variety of the schools of fish present there. You will get unbeatable visibility on the outside of the breakwater the majority of the year in this area. We can enjoy schools of bastard grunt, barracudas, salema, striped seabream, bogue, sand smelt, sardines and tuna that swim along the coast. The white sand serves as a hiding place for spotted torpedo, angel sharks and spiny butterfly ray, which is why we should not forget to look for their silhouette at the bottom.

So much can be accessed from the coast, as well as from a boat, and this area is especially comfortable for ocean baptisms and beginner dives. Experienced divers will still enjoy this site because of the abundance of fauna and the brightness of the area. The two breakwaters that form the bay serve as reference points to locate big schools of fish that place themselves in front of the harbor outlet. The block walls can be explored in search of dusky grouper, glasseye, cardinal fish