Playa Chica Bay

Depth: 0- 18m+
Diver Level: Be a PADi Openwater Diver
Dive Type: Shore

Lanzarote Playa Chica Cathedral

Playa Chica Bay and El Muellito (The Jetty) provide the two entry and exit points to Playa Chica as well as amazing dives teaming with life from the shoals of seabream, white bait, salema, white bream to the colourful parrot fish and wrasse to the more distinct puffer fish and cuttlefish, they are all to be found in the shallows. Ideal dives for open water divers and more advanced and tec divers doing their safety or deco stops.

As dusk falls and the fish fall asleep out come other marine life to play in the shallows. The shrimps come up from the deep to feed, the octopi emerge from their holes to play and hunt and the eels leave the safety of their homes. You may see cuttlefish hovering around or the many anenomes, star fish and sea cucumbers making their way across the rocks and seabeds or the fireworms - beware their sting! These dive sites make for perfect day and night dives.