Playa Chica Blue Hole

Depth: 24-30m
Diver Level: Be a PADi Advanced Openwater Diver
Dive Type: Shore

AGUJERO AZUL - The Blue Hole: Window into the Deep

Lanzarote Playa Chica Cathedral

This is one of the most famous dives in Puerto Del Carmen and probably Lanzarote too! It's mostly likely because of the sense of adventure linked to going through the Blue Hole itself, the amazing vista and clear blue colour as you pass through and the chance of seeing the Dusky Groupers that live there. However, the Blue Hole has much more that this to offer. Having entered the bay in the shallows with its shoals of fish and crossed the eel garden only to enter the Blue Hole with it's fabulous views, what follows is the cave, full of wildlife to explore and the opportunity to gaze into the deep blue for a chance of seeing visiting sharks, rays and other predatory fish pass by.