Playa Chica Shrimp Cave (The Cueve de Las Gambas)

Depth: 45m
Diver Level: Tec 45 or above diver
Dive Type: Shore

Lanzarote Playa Chica Shrimp Cave

Amongst all the nooks and crannies along the Playa Chica Cliff (El Veril de Playa Chica) the Shrimp Cave (The Cueve de Las Gambas) is one of those areas worth exploring.
We surface swim out from the jetty before making a free descent over the sand bed to about 20m. Continuing to following the sand slope down, crossing the field of garden eels, we will soon hit the top of the Playa Chica Cliff. At the foot of this cliff, at about 40m sits the Shrimp Cave. As the name suggests, the cave gives home to swarms of shrimp. As we enter the cave take a look for the groupers which lie in wait for the shrimp to become visible in the beams of our torch lights, before pouncing on them. Due to the depth of this dive limited time is spent at the cave, before making a slow ascent back up along the cliff to the shallower waters.

This dive is for suitably qualified and very experienced divers only.