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Hot Summer Special 10 Dive Package

Grab yourself a 10 dive package , including upto 2 free boat dives, a dive at Museo Atlantico, Beach dives at Playa Chica, plus FREE Nitrox for qualified divers.

Hot summer special 10 dive package

Help us celibrate our new Coltri Membrane allowing us to now offer FREE Nitrox

We are the only Dive Centre on Lanzarote offering FREE Nitrox (32%) to divers when you dive with Lanzarote Dive Centre. For all you non certified Nitrox Divers take advantage of our SDi E-Learning Nitrox course at only 80,00 per person. We have the cheapest Nitrox course in the Canaries.

We offer you special deals from time to time. It might be anything from free boat dives, a discount off your dive package or a special package deal on speciality courses.

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TDi Diver Propulsion Vehicle Course

Learn to glide effortlessly through the water on a Suex XJoy2 or Suex XJoy 7, to reach the untouched, unseen parts of the wrecks and reefs your buddies only dream about diving.
In 2018 only, we are offering you the opportunity to complete the TDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) course, for only 125,00!
Book your place today for by emailing us at info@lanzarotedivecentre.com and mention the TDI DPV 2018 offer.

TDi Diver propulsion vehicle course

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