TDI Advanced Wreck Diver

DURATION: Two days
  • Minimum certification of SDI Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent
  • Certified SDI Wreck Diver or TDI Cavern Diver or equivalent
  • Proof of 50 logged dives
  • Minimum of 18years old
COST: €375.00

TDI Advanced Wreck Diver

The TDI Advanced Wreck Diver Course is the next step for any diver that has successfully completed the SDI Wreck Diver Course. During this course, your TDI Instructor will teach you the proper techniques for locating and planning an advanced penetration dive. The advanced wreck course is commonly taught with other popular TDI courses such as Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Closed Circuit Rebreather, and Trimix.

Who this course is for:

The basic wreck diver looking to: Learn proper advanced wreck penetration techniques
Advance their technical diving education

What you can expect to learn:

Use of advanced wreck diving equipment including: Primary cylinder(s)-dual outlet single tank, independent doubles, or doubles with isolation manifold
Decompression/stage cylinders
Redundant primary regulators
Primary and back-up lighting systems
Penetration/safety reels
Lift bag/SMBs

Wreck penetration procedures Equipment selection
Pre-dive checks and drills
Stress analysis and mitigation
Guideline use, deployment, following, retrieval
Team awareness and communication
Emergency procedures (equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, omitted decompression, navigational errors, entrapment/entanglement, loss of visibility, injured/unconscious diver, etc)
SMB/lift bag deployment
Proper trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques

What’s in it for you?

Ability to conduct technical wreck diving activities without direct supervision provided: The diving activities approximate those of training
The areas of activities approximate those of training
Environmental conditions approximate those of training

TDI Advanced Wreck minimum requirements:

Satisfactorily complete the TDI Advanced Wreck course written examination
Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently
Demonstrate mature, sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution