CCR Rebreather Try Dive

Duration: 2-3 hours
Rebreather Course Prerequisites: Provide proof of 20 logged open water dives
Provide proof as a Openwater Diver or equivalent from agencies recognized by TDI
Minimum of 18 years old
Cost: €99.00

CCR Try Dives

AP Inspiration rebreather training

Why choose a CCR Rebreather Try Dive?

So, you’re an open circuit scuba diver and you enjoy experiencing the amazing delights and wonders of the underwater world but find that you’re making lots of bubbles and noise whilst you’re there.

Perhaps you have already noticed that a lot of fish don’t like the noise we make when breathing out through a regulator and that they soon move on when we breathe out, making it difficult for us to observe and interact with them.

Perhaps you are an avid photographer and find your own bubbles turned the prefect shot into a blow out – literally. Or maybe you find yourself tempted to hold your breath, so you can maintain your buoyancy to take that perfect picture?
There is an alternative way to dive that doesn’t involve making noisy bubbles and doesn’t affect your buoyancy either – welcome to the silent world of scuba diving.

Welcome to the world of closed circuit rebreather diving; CCR diving.

Your try dive will be about 2 ½ - 3 hours in duration and will include, watching how the unit is built and set up a pre- and post-dive briefing and obviously the in-water try dive. You will learn about the scrubber, sofnalime and the gases and also how the unit works and monitors the loop to provide you with the best gas for the dive. The briefing will cover CCR diving in general, how the unit works and how to bail out. On the try dive you will experience the silent world of scuba with no bubbles, how to adjust your buoyancy and how to bail out. Your maximum depth will be 10 meters and with a bit of luck, you may get closer that usual to the fish and for longer!


You must be a minimum of 18 years of age, medically fit to dive, a certified diver with a minimum of Open Water or equivalent, with a minimum of 20 logged dives and ideally dived within the last 6 months.

The CCR Units

We have two different rebreather units to choose from; the AP Inspiration or the Scuba Force SF2. AP Diving or Ambient Pressure Diving is one of the world’s leading and longest established rebreather companies and is based in Cornwall, UK. Whilst Scuba Force are based and well established in Germany.
Both units are back mounted, use 2 3litre cylinders and are dived with a bail out cylinder. The AP Inspiration has back mounted counter lungs whilst the SF2 has the counter lungs inside the unit bellows and both have a really comfortable effortless breathe. Tip: don’t have a hot chili the night before otherwise you might find it recirculating in the loop.

What’s next?

If you enjoyed your rebreather try dive and want to take the next step with us we can offer you AP Inspiration rebreather training or SF2 rebreather training from TDI Mod1 Air Diluent No Deco

Contact us for more details. Rebreather Try Dive