TDI Rebreather Technical Courses

At Lanzarote Dive Centre we are the only dive centre in Purto Del Carmen offering Closed Circuit Rebreather courses.

TDi Air Dilent Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver
TDi Air Deco Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver
TDi Helitrox Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver

These rebreather courses are all offered on the AP Inspiration, AP Evolution and also the AP Classic rebreathers.

We can offer the state of the art 20/20 handset or the more common mono handset. We have a number of units available for courses at a rental.
Never dived on a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) before and your intreged to what it would be be like!
This isn't a problem we can offer you a try dive on an AP Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather.

The first thing most people notice is how quite it is and how close they can get upto the wildlife. Why the Ap Inspiration; they are one of the longest established rebreather manufacture in the world, they offer a complete solution the whole package, their testing of new products is second to none. All components are built in-house.

Tuition and instruction from our highly trained professionals

Emergency Oxygen Provider manual
Personal certification card
All specialist equipment needed
Personal insurance for the duration of the course
Transfers to and from dive centre and dive locations
Snacks and drinks during the break

Rebreather Training

ccr trydive

CCR Try Dive

Max depth 10m

More Info
Air Diluent CCR

Air Diluent CCR

Max depth 30m

More Info
air diluent Deco

Air Diluent Deco CCR

Max Depth 40m

More Info

helitrox CCR

Helitrox CCR

Max Depth 45m

More Info
mixed gases CCR

Mixed Gases CCR

Max Depth 60m

More Info
advanced gases CCR

Advanced Mixed Gases CCR

Max Depth 100m

More Info

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