TDi Technical Diving Courses

TDI Technical centre in Lanzarote Lanzarote Dive Centre is the only TDi(Technical Divers International) centre on the island of Lanzarote. What's more is that we have a resident full-time Technical Instructor, our technical diving instructor is Paul Slater #20500 he can teach from TDi Intro to Tech all the way through to TDi Advanced Trimix diver courses. Paul is also a TDi Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor on the AP Inspiration series of rebreathers. Paul has done hundreds of technical dives with the deepest being 107m on his AP Inspiration rebreather.

Lanzarote is an amazing place to start your Technical Diving Adventure, we have easy access to dive sites, no slogging your kit over rocks or down cliff faces. Main dive sites are locacted within 15 minutes of the Dive Centre, and finally we have more than 100m of depth at most sites if needed.

In Lanzarote the marine ecology is totally amazing between 40-60m offering amazing soft corals very rarely seen by technical divers and larger fishes like giant barracuda, tuna, binto and giant Altanic stingrays and if you are also very lucky then there is a chance to see Sunfish (Mola Mola) and even Manta rays.

Why Lanzarote: Simple we are around 4 hours from most major airports throughout Europe. All year round diving with water temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees. We have very little rain. At the dive centre we have all the Technical diving kit that you'll need, the gases, stage cylinders and twinsets and the technical teaching ability to make your Technical adventures fun and safe!
Already a Technical Diver, Why not try some of our guided technical diving days.

All our courses include the following:-

Tuition and instruction from our highly trained professional
Manual or E-Learning Manual
Personal certification card
All technical diving equipment
Transfers to and from dive centre and dive locations
Snacks and drinks during the break

TDi Technical Diving Courses

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