Technical Operations Course

DURATION: Upto 3 months
  • Open Water Diver

COST: Please email for quote

Technical Operations Course

We are the only Dive Centre in the Caneries that can offer the Technical Operations Course, this is for the Dive Professional that is looking to be land or ship based.
The course is offered from either 1-3 months, giving you the grounding of becoming a Dive Centre Technician, your responsibilities will include compressor maintainence, Cylinder filling, mixing gases, servicing and maintenance of all scuba equipment. This course is for the Dive professional that wants to learn more and move to the next level.

What Modudles are Included

TDI Nitrox Gas Blender
TDi Advanced Gas Blender
TDi O2 Service Technician
SDI Equpiment Specialist
SDI Compressor Operator

1 Day Compressor Basic Maintenance Course
1 Day Coltri Membrane Maintenance Course
1 Day Air and Nitrox Management Course
1 Day Booster Pump Management Course

3 Day Regulator strip down and rebuild Course

Options to complete other recreational and technical diving courses are reduced rates and also fun diving on days off