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Scuba Diving Course Prices

SSI Scuba Diver Course Prices

All prices are in Euros.

CoursePrice €
SSI Try Dive75,00
SSI Basic Diver125,00
SSI Scuba Diver280,00
SSI Open Water Diver455,00
SSI Advanced Adventurer335,00
SSI Stress & Rescue395,00
SSI React Right: CPR, AED, O2, First Aid280,00
SSI Dive Guide750,00
SSI Science of Diving95,00

Upgrades and RefreshersPrice €
SSI Try Dive to SSI Basic Diver75,00
SSI Try Dive to SSI Scuba Diver220,00
SSI Try Dive to SSI Open Water Diver400,00
SSI Basic Diver to SSI Scuba Diver180,00
SSI Basic Diver to SSI Open Water Diver350,00
SSI Scuba Diver to SSI Open Water Diver/Referral Diver250,00
SSI React Right individual modules85,00
SSI Skills Update / Refresher 1 dive75,00
SSI Skills Update / Refresher 2 dives130,00

SSI Specialty Course Prices

All prices are in Euros €

SSI Specialty CoursesPrice €
SSI Boat€ 200,00
SSI Deep€ 225,00
SSI Enriched Air Nitrox€ 200,00
SSI Perfect Bouyancy€ 200,00
SSI Navigation€ 200,00
SSI Night / Limited Visability€ 225,00
SSI Photo & Video€ 200,00
SSI Search & Recovery€ 225,00
SSI Wreck€ 225,00
SSI Advanced Wreck€ 280,00
SSI Cavern€ 375,00
SSI Independent Diving€ 225,00
SSI Recreational Sidemount€ 300,00
SSI Recreational Decompression€ 350,00
SSI Gas Blender€ 200,00
SSI Advanced Gas Blender€ 280,00
SSI Drift€ 200,00
SSI Dry Suit€ 200,00Must have own dry suit

FREE SSI Diver Ratings

Achieve these ratings by completing SSI courses and logging your dives through the MySSI app and get your FREE SSI Recognition cards!
Check out our Special Offers page for some great course combination special offers designed to help you achieve these FREE SSI Diver Ratings.

Diver RatingRequirements
SSI Specialty Diver2 specialty courses24 logged dives
SSI Advanced Diver4 specialty courses40 logged dives
SSI Master Diver4 specialty courses40 logged divesDiver Stress & Rescue Course

SSI Ecology Course Prices

Great fun informative courses for divers and non-dives alike. They make the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for anyone!

SSI Ecology Courses€ Price
SSI Blue OceansFREE
SSI Marine Ecology€ 95,00
SSI Fish Identification€ 95,00
SSI Coral Identification€ 95,00
SSI Shark Ecology€ 95,00
SSI Manta & Ray Ecology€ 95,00
SSI Turtle Ecology€ 95,00
SSI Ecology Course Combos
(excludes SSI Blue Oceans)
€ Price
2 SSI Ecology Courses€ 180,00
5 SSI Ecology Courses€ 420,00

Professional Course Prices

Course prices exclude digital learning, training materials and professional fees.

Professional CoursePrice
SSI Divemaster Course€ 750,00includes digital learning
SSI Assistant Instructor Course€ 750,00
SSI Specialty Instructor Coursefrom € 95,00 / course
Emergency First Responder Instructor Course€ 295,00

Technical Course Prices

All prices are in Euros.

All courses include digital or e-learning, where available, to be purchased in advance, and cylinder hire for the duration of the course.

TDI Open Circuit Courses

CoursePrice in €
TDI Intro to Tech300,00
TDI Nitrox150,00
TDI Advanced Nitrox450,00
TDI Decompression Procedures450,00
TDI Helitrox450,00
TDI Extended Range800,00
TDI Trimix900,00
TDI Advanced Trimix1250,00
TDI Technical Sidemount400,00
TDI Gas Blender250,00
TDI Advanced Gas Blender150,00
TDI O2 Technician200,00

SSI XR Extended Range

CoursePrice in €
XR Foundations350,00
XR Extended Range Nitrox500,00
XR Extended Range750,00
XR Extended Range - Trimix upgrade180,00
XR Technical Extended Range950,00

TDI Rebreather Course Prices

All prices are in Euros.

For all TDI rebreather courses the prices include the digital learning or e-learning where available, the e-certification card, cylinder hire and sofnalime for the duration of the course. All Mod1 prices also include gases. Mod2 CCR Mixed Gases and Mod3 CCR Advanced Mixed Gases course prices exclude the cost of gases and the cost of the instructor's gases and sofnolime are to be shared between the student divers.

CoursePrice in €
TDI Rebreather Try Dive150,00
TDI Rebreather Mod 1 Air Diluent No Deco1000,00
TDI Rebreather Mod 1 Air Diluent Deco1000,00
TDI Rebreather Mod 1 Helitrox Deco 1000,00
TDI Rebreather Mod 2 Mixed Gases1250,00
TDI Rebreather Mod 3 Advanced Mixed Gases1600,00

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