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Dive Site: The Cathedral

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Cathedral at Playa Chica

La Catedral

Depth: 24 - 30m
Diver Level: SSI Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent
Dive Type: Boat Dive
Equipment: take a torch for exploring

Be amazed by the stunning view into the blue from this huge cavern that looks like a cathedral arch!

Enjoy exploring the reef wall and inside and don't forget to take a torch.

The Cathedral

You know you're approaching the Cathedral when you see the streams of tiny bubbles passing up through the porous volcanic rock. Drop over the reef edge and enter the Cathedral!

Take a torch to explore the nooks and crannies at the rear of this huge cavern. You could find Slipper Lobsters, shrimps crabs and more nestled in the rock formations.

As you turn to leave the Cathedral take the time to enjoy the amazing view into the blue of the Cathedral Arch! On your way up and out take the opportunity to explore the reef wall and if you're lucky the black coral will be out and feeding.


the Cathedral at Playa Chica Stunning views into the blue of the Cathedral Arch

Marine lifeRays, Groupers, shrimps, eels, anemones and Black Coral

CavernsLarge cavern with lots of nooks and crannies to explore

House Reef Black Beach Easily accessible boat dive

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Cathedral at Playa Chica

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Black Coral at The Cathedral Playa Chica

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