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Lanzarote has diverse marine life

Dive the best sites in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has many fabulous diving sites for you to enjoy on your dive holiday in Puerto Del Carmen, which is where we are based, but as for the best dive site well who are we to tell you which is the best when we all enjoy different things. Don't forget to download the FREE Dive Sites Guide.
Some would say that Lanzarote's best dive sites are right here in Puerto Del Carmen at Playa Chica. Playa Chica is full of marine life from shoals of bream glistening in the sunshine, the ornate wrasse and damselfish swimming around the rocks and the goat fish and flounders feeding on the bottom to hunting barracuda, yellow fin tuna and jacks as well as many different species of rays, Angel Sharks and Giant Groupers and when I say giant they are as big and sometimes bigger than a person! At night, there is even more to see when all the crabs, shrimps and sea hares to name a few come out to feed! All this is accessible to the Open Water Diver and makes for a fascinating deco stop at the end of any tec dive.
Playa Chica offers an array of easily accessible dive sites from the shore including The Blue Hole, The Cathedral, The Shrimp Cave and The Eye to name just a few. The best dive site of all might be the Blue Hole with its stunning swim through full of marine life from sponges and clams to arrow crabs, shrimps and even nudibranchs and when you turn back and look, there it is the amazing blue hole! On the other hand, it might be Grouper Run where you can see the resident Groupers lurking under the outcrops of rock, waiting to swoop in and clean up after the hunting jacks, tuna and barracuda have decimated the shoals of sardines! An awesome display to wait for and watch! This might be your best dive site.

For those that love the adventure of a drift, wall, wreck or boat dive then there is plenty on offer for you to choose from for your best dive site. Waikiki and Playa Grande offer fantastic wall dives with an abundance of micro-life living in the tiny caverns on the wall side. When the currents are right they turn into exhilarating drift dives just relax and enjoy the ride; why not look out into the blue for the opportunity to see rays and sharks on your dive.
If diving metal is your idea of the best dive site possible then we have plenty of wreck diving sites to choose from too. The best maybe the Harbour Wrecks with 6 sunken fishing boats to discover from 40m upwards or the Tuna Wrecks which boasts three tuna fishing boats which have now, rather fittingly, been taken over by the tuna! Arrecife, the capital city of Lanzarote is also home to 2 more wrecks: the Rabat and Telemon (or Temple Hall). Click on the dive site maps below for more information on these wonderful wreck dives.
For others, the best dive site on Lanzarote may be at Playa Blanca. Don't worry, we regularly dive at Playa Blanca so you won't miss out on what could be the best dive site of all: The Museo Atlantico (Museum Atlantico): It was created by the artist Jason De Carnes Taylor with many of the exhibits modelled on Lanzarote locales and opened in early 2016 to much worldwide acclaim. Dive it once and maybe you'll think it''s the best dive site on Lanzarote.
What is clear is that Lanzarote dive sites are as varied as the marine life that visit and inhabit the Atlantic waters that surround the island and your challenge is to decide which you think is the best dive site on Lanzarote!

Best of the Best Dive Sites in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Museo Atlantico

Museo Atlantico

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Lanzarote Dive Sites: The Catheral

The Cathedral

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Punta Tinosa

Punta Tinosa

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Rabat Wreck

Rabat Wreck

Lanzarote Dive Sites: The Eye

The Eye

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Calero Wreck

Calero Wreck

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Tuna Wrecks

Tuna Wrecks

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Old Harbour Wrecks Puerto Del Carmen

Old Harbour Wrecks

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Richies Place

Richies Place

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Temple Hall


Lanzarote Dive Sites: Waikiki


Lanzarote Dive Sites: Black Beach - House Reef

Black Beach

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Shrimp Cave

Shrimp Cave

Lanzarote Dive Sites: Orange Coral

The Wall

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