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SSI Scuba Diver Course

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Learn to Scuba Dive

Perfect if you're short of time for the Open Water Course!

The SSI Scuba Diver course is perfect for those short on time for completing the full SSI Open Water Course. This sub-set of the Open Water Course will enable you to dive to 12m with an SSI Diving Professional and you can use this course as a stepping stone to completing your SSI Open Water Course at a later date.

You'll learn more skills with your instructor and as you'll be learning in the Atlantic Ocean you may find the fish and other marine life curious about just what it is you are doing! Additional scuba skills include: setting up your own equipment, buddy checks, mask removal and replace underwater, alternate air sharing with your dive buddy and practicing buoyancy and finning techniques.

There is a digital learning kit to that you complete before we start the in water training which includes information of the skills you'll be learning and demonstrating back to your instructor, as well as all the dive theory you need to know so that you can pass the final exam and become a certified SSI Scuba Diver.

Upon completion of the SSI Scuba Diver Course, you will be certified to dive to a maximum depth of 12m with an SSI diving professional. This is just the beginning of your diving journey as you can now explore some of the worlds most amazing reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef or take the next steps and become an Open Water diver.

What's next?
Upgrade to SSI Open Water Diver & learn to dive to 18m with a dive buddy!

Scuba Diver Course Info

SSI Scuba Diver course duration Course Duration: 2 days

SSI Scuba Diver course theory Course Theory: SSI digital learning to be completed beforehand
- no holiday classroom time!

SSI Scuba Diver course minimum number of dives required for certification Minimum Number of Open Water Dives required for certification: 2

~SSI Scuba Course Maximum Certification Depth: 18m with a dive buddy Maximum Certification Depth: 12m with an SSI Dive Professional in conditions similar to those in which you trained

SSI Scuba Diver course includes Course includes:
- SSI Open Water course digital learning
- SSI e-certification card
- equipment rental
- liabilty & medical insurance (mandatory in Spain)
- FREE photos
- and your friendly, experienced SSI Dive Instructor

SSI Scuba Diver course group size Course Group Size: small groups

SSI Scuba Diver course cost Course Cost: 280,00€

Course Prerequisites

Minimum age- 18 years old or 10-17 years old with parental consent.
- Children aged 10-14 years old, must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.
- There is no maximum age for learning to dive.
Water Fitness- Must be comfortable in the water
- Must be able to swim 200m
Medical Fitness- Must be medically fit to dive
- Must complete the Diver Medical Participant Form
see FAQs for more info & to download the form
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SSI Scuba Diver Course

FAQ's SSI Scuba Diver

Do I need to be fit and healthy? Do I need to be fit and healthy?
You don't need to be super fit however you will be physically exerting yourself so you do need to be generally physically fit and in good health. We suggest that you are capable of walking 1.6km or 1 mile in 12 minutes.

There are conditions that will preclude you from participating, such as a history of respiratory conditions and heart disease or having a cold or congestion.

Click to download the Diver Medical participant form and the accompanying diving medical guidance to the physician here.

Please email info@lanzarotedivecentre if you have any questions.

What do I need to bring with me? What do I need to bring with me?
Swimwear, towel, sun protection - we provide the rest!

Can I get on a pressurised plane and fly straight after diving? Can I get on a pressurised plane and fly straight after diving?
No, as you are going from one pressurized environment to another (underwater to a plane cabin) you must leave minimum 24 hours between your last dive and your flight.

Can I upgrade from SSI Scuba Diver to SSI Open Water Diver? Can I upgrade from SSI Scuba Diver to SSI Open Water Diver?
Yes, once you are a certified SSI Scuba Diver there is no time limit on your certification. If it has been 6 months or more since your last dive, you will need a refresher dive first.

Can I combine the SSI Open Water Diver Course with any other courses? Can I combine the SSI Scuba Diver Course with other courses?
Yes, the SSI Fish Identification course so you start learning and identifying the different classes of fish you're diving with.

How much extra time will i need? How much extra time will I need?
Complete the online theory beforehand and be certified by the end of your course.

What to do Next

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