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TDI Mod3 Closed Circuit Rebreather Advanced Mixed Gas Diver Course

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Mod 3 Advanced Mixed Gas

Advanced Dives, Advanced Gases

Increasing your depth from 60m to 100m requires even greater knowledge and understanding of gas planning, dive planning and emergency planning. The TDI Mod3 CCR Diver course is designed to train you in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures required to dive your specific CCR unit on advanced mixed gases and to develop your skills in CCR to a mximum certification depth of 100m.

Reconsolidate your CCR core knowledge and skills, increase your gas planning and dive planning knowledge and skills for diving on advanced mixed gases and learn gas management and equipment management techniques required for deeper, longer technical CCR diving.

Upon successful completion of the Mod3 course you will be able to participate in technical dives on your specific unit to a maximum depth of 100m using any mixed gas diluent appropriate to the dive plan.

Mod3 CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver Course


Minimum age:Minimum of 18 years old
Diver Level:TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diluent Diver or equivalent
Logged dives:Minimum of 100 logged rebreather hours over a minimum of 100 logged dives, with at least 50 dives and 50hours on the specific rebreather unit and with at least 10 logged mixed gas rebreather dives after mixed gas diver training that are deeper than 50m requiring staged decompression.
Other:If you choose to learn the SF2 Sidemount, you must hold the TDI Sidemount Diver certification or equivalent and provide proof of 10 logged sidemount dives

Lanzarote Dive Centre Rebreather Mod1 course


Duration:8 days
Depth:100m maximum certification depth
Gases:using any mixed gas diluent and bailout appropriate to the dive plan
Other:You will also need to have the manufacturers manual.
The cost of the instructor's sofnalime and gases are to be covered by the student/s.
Includes:- TDI e-learning
- TDI e-certification card
- cylinder hire
Excludes:- hire of unit
- sofnolime
- gases
- additional dives

Mod3 CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver Course


What theory will I learn on the TDI Mod3 CCR Diver Courses?
- Gas physiology
- Formula work and gas calculations
- Dive tables, dive computers and dive planning appropriate to gases
- Decompression on a CCR
- Equipment maintenance
- Team diving considerations

What skills are covered on the TDI Mod3 CCR Diver Course?
- Unit build up and break down
- Predive checks
- Using an analyser to verify mixed gas contents
- Correct predive planning procedures
- Emergency procedures, including system failure, broken hoses
- Effective management of loop breathing volume
- Demonstrate good buoyancy control
- Maintain nuetral buoyancy whilst deploying backup mask
- Use and management of 2 bailout cylinders, including drop and recovery, while maintaining position in the water column.
- In water leak and bubble checks
- Team diving, communication and advanced hand signals
- Monitoring of partial pressure of oxygen levels (set point) and switching set points
- Use of SMB and reel where appropriate
- Correct dive execution within all pre-determined limits and safety stops at pre-determined depths
- Post dive cleaning of unit
- Diver maintenance of unit

What if I don't achieve the required standard after 7 dives, can I do more dives to achieve the course standard and gain the rating?
CCR Mod1 upgrades Yes, you can do additional dives to achieve the rating. There is an additional cost of €150,00/day plus the cost of sofnalime and gases for you and your instructor.


I am a certified Mod2 CCR Mixed Gas Diver, can I do the TDI Mod3 CCR Mixed Gas Diver course?
CCR Mod3 upgrades Yes, providing you meet the course prerequisites; see above.

Where can I complete my TDI Sidemount Diver Course?
TDI Sidemount Diver with Lanzarote Dive Centre You can complete your TDI Technical Sidemount Course here at Lanzarote Dive Centre.

I am a certified Mod2 CCR Diver on for example a rEvo and I would like to crossover to the SF2, is this possible?
CCR Mod1 upgrades Yes, you can crossover to the SF2 to your current CCR diver certification level and then do the Mod 3 course providing you meet all the course prerequisites; see above.

What's next?
What´s next? Why not become a TDI Nitrox Gas Blender or Advanced Gas Blender.

Lanzarote Dive Centre Rebreather Mod1 course

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