Rebreather Diving in Lanzarote

Why Rebreather Diving in Lanzarote

closed circuit rebreather diving in Lanzarote

Here in Lanzarote the diving is 12 months of the year. The waters are warm, ranging from 18 degrees C to 25 degrees C, safe and clean with good visibility, upto 50m+. Ideal temperatures in the mild winters for those dry suits. The air temperatures are also fabulous, hot in the summer with a cooling breeze, just as you would expect for being off the west coats of Africa on a similar latitude to the Red Sea. In the winter it is cooler but still t-shirts and shorts weather but you may need a hoodie in the evenings.

The roads are in good condition and the island is clean and well looked after. The dives sites have easily accessible entry and exit points which make getting all that tec gear in and more importantly out again afterwards safe and easy. Depths of 100m+ can easily be achieved. By having the diving, buoyancy and finning skills associated with being a tech diver you will not distrub the wildlife as easily and therefore you will be able to observe the marine wildlife for longer.

There are good flight connections to Lanzarote from the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe too.

Lanzarote Dive Centre is a rebreather friendly Technical Centre, we are able to support most rebreathers, including but not limited to: AP Inspirations, JJ CCR, SF2 backmount and sidemount rebreathers and more. We have conversion kits for Posideons with M26 valves. If you are looking for no deco, or trimix rebreather diving we have the solution for you. We always keep Sofnolime in stock this can be purchased by the KG.

What Rebreather Diving is available in Lanzarote?

  • Depth's to over 100M
  • Easy access to Dive Sites
  • Caves and Caverns for training

Rebreather Diving Costs

At Lanzarote Dive Centre we offer fixed priced Rebreather diving packages, so no scarry gas bills at the end of you diving.

CCR Technical 6 dive package upto 45m

  • Guided dives
  • 2 or 3Ltr Rebreather cylinders
  • 5,7 or 11Ltr bailout cylinders
  • Sofnolime fills
  • 425,00 Euros
Check out our full rebreather diving prices click here

Rebreather Diving Logistics

Lanzarote Dive Centre is Technical Diving Centre offering the Technical & Rebreather Divers everything that they need for Technical Open Circuit or Rebreather Diving, our dive centre is localted in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.

  • AP Inspiration Rebreathers for Rent
  • Suex xjoy 2 Scooters available
  • Stage Cylinders, 5's , 7's and 11Ltr's
  • Large range of Technical Rental equipment
  • Personal insurance for the duration of the course
  • Transfers to and from dive centre and dive locations
  • Snacks and drinks during dive breaks

What about Rebreather Training?

At Lanzarote Dive Centre we have our own full-time Technical Instructor on staff able to teach rebreather courses and also theTDI Inspiration Rebreather Courses

Rebreather Training Canary Islands, Spain

Rebreather training Spain

Looking for a warm water rebreather training center in Spain for the winter months that's able to offer you some of the best rebreather diving in the Canary Islands, then Lanzarote Dive Centre can be your new Rebreather Dive Centre.
Don't worry about the logistics we have you covered, from gases, cyliders and sofnolime, Our centre will be at your disposal, we're also able to provide deeep water support divers.