Technical Diving Prices

technical diving prices

Technical Diving in Lanzarote offers all year round tec diving with depth's up to 100m plus. We offer daily technical dives, from either the shore or as boat dives. If you are not a technical diver yet, then we can offer you the full range of TDI Tech Diving Courses.

Technical Dives with a maximum depth of 45m

The technical diving in Lanzarote is suitable for all technical divers with a technical certification to 45m. We offer a choice of air or nitrox 30% FREE for back gas. It's recommended that you use 50% Nitrox for deco stages and the price is dependant on the size of stage cylinder. We can mix any nitrox gas mix you require. Deco gases and stage rental are an additional cost, see below for the prices.

Upto 45m

Technical Dive Prices

1 Technical Dive

50.00 Euros

4 Technical Dives

200.00 Euros

6 Technical Dives

300.00 Euros

10 Technical Dives

500.00 Euros

Technical Dives over 45m with a maximum depth of 60m

Deeper technical dives are available for Technical Divers with a certification giving them a maximum depth below 45m. These are normally Trimix or Extended range divers and with a choice of back gas these dives need to be booked a minimum of 48 hours before the dive. 50% Nitrox for deco stages is available at additional costs depending on the size of stage cylinder. For the price of dives deeper than 60m please contact the office.

46m to 60m

Technical Dive Prices

1 Technical Dive

60.00 Euros

4 Technical Dives

240.00 Euros

6 Technical Dives

360.00 Euros

10 Technical Dives

600.00 Euros

Technical Diving Gas Prices

Prices are for gases only and don't include cylinder rental for which there is an extra charge. Additional gas mixes are available ask within the dive centre.

Technical Diving Gas Mixes

Twin 12Ltr's



Nitrox 30%


21/35 Trimix

118.00 Euros

18/45 Trimix

151.00 Euros

15/55 Trimix

185.00 Euros

12/65 Trimix

218.00 Euros

10/70 Trimix

235.00 Euros


Standard Deco Gases

Prices are for gases only and don't include rental of stage cylinder. There is an extra charge per stage cylinder. Additional gas mixes are available ask within the dive centre.

Standard Bailout Gases

5.7Ltr Stage

7Ltr Stage

11Ltr Stage

Oxygen 6M

23.00 Euros

28.00 Euros

44.00 Euros

Nitrox 50% 21M

10.00 Euros

12.00 Euros

16.00 Euros

35/25 Trimix 36M

10.00 Euros

25.00 Euros

40.00 Euros

21/35 57M

28.00 Euros

34.00 Euros

54.00 Euros

Should you dive with a guide, the cost of the gases for the guide, helium, oxygen and deco gases, are to be shared amongst all the Tec Divers.

Technical Diving Equipment Rental

Technical diving equipment rental is based on daily rates, we have either twinset and sidemount options, these prices don't include the price of dives or additional boat costs. All equipment must be rinsed and returned to staff after every use, in case of loss or damage of equipment, full retail price will be charged for replacement.

Equipment Rental


Twinset Regs

12.00 Euros

Sidemount Regs

12.00 Euros

Stage Reg

7.00 Euros


10.00 Euros

Backplate and Harness

10.00 Euros

Hollis SMS50 Sidemount Harness

12.00 Euros

Hollis SMS75 Sidemount Harness

12.00 Euros


3.00 Euros

Spool and SMB

6.00 Euros

Tech Fins M - 2XL

8.00 Euros

10 or 12Ltr Twinset / 12Ltr dedicated sidemount cylinders

15.00 Euros

5.7Ltr Ali stage with sling

5.00 Euros

7Ltr Ali stage with sling

6.00 Euros

11Ltr Ali stage with sling

8.00 Euros