Museo Atlantico

Depth: 12-15m
Diver Level: Open Water Diver or above
Dive Type: Boat

Lanzarote Dive Centre is proud to be 1 of only a few accredited dive centers that are authorised to dive Lanzarote's newest diving attraction, the Museum Atlantico. English born artist Jason de Carnes Taylor is the sculptor and creator of Europe's first underwater art museum. Since its opening in early March 2016 he has been busy working on the exhibits for Phase 2 which were submerged in late December 2016. We understand that he is still busy working in his dive shop!

It is an exciting time to see the Museo Atlántico, with the first and last features submerged a year apart and with phase 2 only just in place this is a time of huge contrasts in its on-going development. You will have the chance to enjoy the detail of the new exhibits before the new residents move in on them and make themselves at home.

The Museo Atlántico first opened in early March 2016 with just 6 different features including the now famous El Rubicon, Raft of Lampedusa and the Photographers; more fondly known as "the selfies". They were joined in late December 2016 by the phase 2 exhibits which include the entrance gate, the human gyro, a playground and a mirror. Although like other museums you are not to touch the exhibits, the mirror is the one exception. Feel free to pick up one of the brushes and help to keep it clean so you can experience it as its best! Sounds like a perfect photo opportunity with your dive buddy. Click here to see the official route map of the Museo Atlántico.

The Museo Atlántico is situated off the south coast of the island in 12-15mteres of wonderful blue water and only accessible by boat. In our opinion it is best suited to Open Water divers with a few dives under their belts, or above. You will be guided around the museum by your accredited Eco-Dive Guide who will give a full dive brief which will include how to dive the museum, information on the museum, the statues you will see and their meaning and significance as per their creator.

This is an exciting dive site that will continue to develop and grow in many ways over time and will be worth visiting again and again.

El Rubicon

Atlantico Museo El Rubicom

Los Jolateros

los jolateros Museo Altantico

The Raft of Lampedusa

raft of lampedusa Museo Altantico

Hybrid scrulptures

hybrid sculptures Museo Altantico

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