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Our Dive Team...

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Blue Hole at Playa Chica here for you.

Meet Paul

Paul is the foundation of our team and is a highly qualified & skilled recreational and technical instructor on both open circuit and closed circuit rebreathers. His talents extend way beyond teaching and guided dives as he is also a skilled Asset certified Scuba Diving Equipment and Compressor Technician.

This is very important for the on-going maintenance & servicing of all our equipment including the compressors and membrance and ensuring that the breathing gases that we are all diving on are of the highest quality. You can find out more about our high spec technical compressor room on our About The Dive Centre page.

Paul is a technical instructor with SSI, TDI and BSAC and when he's not guiding dives or maintaining the compressors, he enjoys teaching, particularly technical diving courses. His favourite courses to teach include: SSI XR Extended Range courses as well as the new recreational SSI Decompression Procedures course.

Meet Valerie

She is the heart of our team and probably who you made first contact with, perhaps by email or Whats App or perhaps in person at the dive centre. As our Dive Centre Manager, she books your diving for you, mans the shop, takes the payments, keeps the centre clean and tidy, fills the cylinders and helps to maintain the equipment and compressors. Valerie is happy to assist you in anyway that she can to make your experience at Lanzarote Dive Centre a safer, more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Meet Glyn

Glyn is the soul of the team and brings the magic of diving to you. Always ready to take you on a dive, be it your first time, a specialty course or a guided dive or 10. Glyn is a lot of fun to dive with, has lots of stories to share and knows the dive sites here on Lanzarote very well and always priortises your diver comfort and safety. He is an SSI Specialty Instructor as well as a BSAC Instructor of many, many years experience.

Our Fourth Dive Team Member

Who is It? It could be you Our fourth team member is a Divemaster Intern who will be joining us very soon - it could be you!

Some Team Fun Facts

Technical Courses Paul's favourite technical courses to teach include: SSI XR Foundations & XR Extended Range Nitrox as well as the new SSI Decompression Procedures course

What are the best new BSAC courses? BSAC Advanced Wreck course and BSAC Advanced Ocean Diver course BEST new BSAC course: Paul thinks it's the BSAC Advanced Wreck Diver but Valerie thinks it's the BSAC Advanced Ocean Diver

Dive Type: Boat Paul's favourite dive type is from the boat on to either the Harbour Wrecks or one of the many great reefs

Best Gas: 28% Nitrox Best Gas we all agree is 32% Nitrox for safer deeper diving and best of all it's FREE with your dive package!


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