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Dive Site: The Old Harbour Wrecks

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Blue Hole at Playa Chica

Pecios de Puerto Del Carmen

Depth: 18 - 30+m
Diver Level: SSI Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent
Dive Type: Boat Dive

This is one of the best dives in Puerto Del Carmen and probably in Lanzarote too! Also suitable for Deep and Technical divers as the deepest wreck is at 40m

The Old Harbour Wrecks

On this boat dive you can find the remains of up to 6 wrecks at just this one diving site, making this one of Lanzarote's best dive sites. So, for those of you that love wrecks it is a dive site must. Starting with the deepest wreck you will find its propeller at 38-40m and then you can slowly work your way up looking for the other 5 wrecks as you come up into the shallows.

One of the best preserved is in the shallows and perfect for completing your safety stop on; who knows you might spot a pipe fish along the harbour wall. These sunken fishing boats are now home to a huge variety of marine life some of which usually live in caves, such as the cardinal fish and scorpionfish and you now get to safely enjoy seeing them in the cave-like conditions provided by the wrecks. Don't forget to glance out into the blue every now and again or to look down to the bottom because there is every chance that you will see one of more of the many different types of rays that visit such as Atlantic Sting Rays, Eagle Rays and perhaps Butterfly Rays and Angel Sharks too.

This really is one of Lanzarote's best dive sites as it is suitable for all levels and experience of diver with wrecks galore and stunning marine life.


The Old Harbour Wrecks 6 fishing boat wrecks teaming with marine life

Marine life Shoals of squirrel fish, barracuda, Angel Sharks, rays & more!

Caverns Explore the reef wall and caverns as well as the old wrecks

Easily accessible boat dive Easily accessible boat dive

Dive Site Suitable for Technical Divers Suitable for recreational and technical divers

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Blue Hole at Playa Chica

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Blue Hole at Playa Chica

Lanzarote Dive Sites: the Blue Hole at Playa Chica

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